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Whirlpool baths are becoming very popular as an item of affordable luxury for the bathroom. The whirlpool bath not only provides you with a stunning product for displaying within your home but more importantly offers you a unique method of bathing. Each whirlpool bath is created with a mixture of air and water jets to provide your body with an invigorating massage which in turn will provide you with a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Our selection of whirlpool spa baths come complete with taps, handheld shower, jets, pillows and much more which are easily fitted within any bathroom. The whirlpool spa bath is designed to offer an unrivalled bathing experience alongside offering relief to aches and pains, replenishing the skin, muscle relaxation and more importantly takes away the stresses and strains of hard day at work. Depending on which model you choose you can also have additional extras such as radio, hands free telephone, MP3, CD player, IPod and more. Also certain models are created with chromo therapy lighting, which is a special feature where the lighting is able to create a relaxing and ambient leaving you in a state of total tranquility.

Each of our whirlpool bathtubs are renowned for high end dependability, security in use and certain models come with padded headrests built onto the baths side making your experience even more comfortable. Our impressive selection of whirlpool bathtubs is readily available in many unique sizes and shapes, from stunning whirlpool corner baths to rectangular and straight baths. You are also introduced to a wonderful range of 2 person whirlpool baths which are ideal for indulging with you and your partner or maybe just a friend.



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