BPS Journey Through Time

The History of Plumbers Merchants with a Focus on Burnley Plumbing Supplies (BPS)

Situated on Old Hall Street in the Stoneyholme – Daneshouse district of Burnley, the Hanover Methodist Church ceased its operations in the 1970s. Following its closure, the building stood vacant for an extended period until it was repurposed by a plumber’s merchant. The current structure, depicted in the image, was erected in 1897/98, serving as a replacement for an earlier chapel built in 1862. The image above was taken in 1979.

Plumbers merchants play a vital role in providing the tools and materials necessary for the plumbing industry, supporting the infrastructure that keeps our homes and businesses running smoothly. Among these establishments is Burnley Plumbing Supplies, a family business that has carved its niche in the market since its establishment in 1990.
In the early ’90s, the plumbing industry was evolving, and the demand for quality supplies was on the rise. It was against this backdrop that Burnley Plumbing Supplies came into existence. The journey began in a small shop, where the founders recognised the need to cater to the growing requirements of plumbing professionals and enthusiasts in the Lancashire region.
Starting in humble surroundings, the founders of BPS were driven by a passion for the trade and a commitment to exceptional customer service. As word spread about the reliability and quality of their products, the business quickly outgrew its initial space. This led to a significant milestone in the company’s history – the move into a converted chapel. Hanover Chapel on Old Hall Street was converted into a trade counter, warehouse and a very large showroom displaying kitchens, bathrooms, designer radiators, tiles and much more.
The conversion symbolised not only the growth of the business but also a commitment to providing a unique and welcoming space for customers. The chapel setting became synonymous with the values of trust and community that Burnley Plumbing Supplies aimed to embody.
However, the journey did not stop there. Recognising the need for even more extensive storage and a broader inventory, the business made a strategic decision to transition into a large industrial warehouse. This move allowed Burnley Plumbing Supplies to stock a diverse range of products, ensuring they could meet the ever-expanding needs of plumbers and tradespeople.
Today, with over three decades of experience, Burnley Plumbing Supplies stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of a family-owned business. Their commitment to quality, customer service, and adapting to industry changes has positioned them as a trusted name in the plumbing supply sector. As they continue to serve the community from their expansive warehouse, BPS Plumbers Merchants Burnley remains rooted in the values that have fuelled their success since the small shop days of 1990.

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