Burnley Plumbing Supplies (BPS) goes the extra mile to ensure that their customers have seamless access to assistance and support. Beyond the traditional means of communication, this customer-centric business offers a range of options to connect with them, showcasing their commitment to accessibility and prompt service.

Customers looking to reach out for enquiries, product information, or general assistance can easily contact BPS via email. This written form of communication allows for detailed queries and provides a convenient channel for customers who prefer to have a documented record of their interactions.

For those who prefer a more direct and immediate approach, BPS can be reached through their office phone on 01282 413512 during regular business hours between 9am and 5pm from Monday through to Saturday and between 10am and 4pm on bank holidays. This ensures that customers can speak directly with knowledgeable staff members who can provide real-time assistance, address concerns, and offer advice on plumbing materials and projects.

Recognising that emergencies don’t adhere to regular business hours, Burnley Plumbing Supplies has taken the extra step to be available for out-of-hours emergencies via mobile phone on 07864 783647. This means that even during evenings or weekends, customers facing urgent issues where you may need that fitting to stop a leak, or you have guests arriving but can’t wait till the next day, you can connect with the Burnley Plumbing Supplies, and we will endeavour to assist where possible. When applicable and we arrange to meet you at the trade counter to collect material out of hours, a small callout fee notified in advance, will apply.

Embracing modern communication trends, Burnley Plumbing Supplies has also incorporated WhatsApp into their contact options. This instant messaging platform provides a quick and convenient way for customers to get in touch, sharing images, inquiries, or seeking guidance directly through the app.  Why not send us your material list or questions by WhatsApp on 07864 783647, or join our WhatsApp broadcast for the latest news, unique deals, and from time to time clearance lists where stock is available at much lower than market rates.

In essence, Burnley Plumbing Supplies has crafted a comprehensive communication strategy, ensuring that customers can choose the method that best suits their preferences and urgency levels. Whether it’s through email for detailed inquiries, the office phone for real-time conversations during business hours, the mobile phone for emergency situations, or WhatsApp for instant messaging, Burnley Plumbing Supplies remains dedicated to being accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of their clientele.