Essential Tiling Tools for Precision and Efficiency

Tiling, whether for a kitchen splashback, bathroom floor, or a decorative wall, requires precision and the right tools to achieve a polished finish. BPS can supply a variety of tools that cater to different aspects of the tiling process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Let’s explore some essential tiling tools that contribute to successful tile installation.

Tile Scribe: The tile scribe is a fundamental tool for accurate cutting of tiles. It features a hard, pointed carbide tip that scores the tile’s surface, allowing for a clean break along the intended line. This manual tool is indispensable when dealing with intricate cuts or shapes that might be challenging for larger cutting tools.

Flat Bed Cutters: Flat bed cutters are a versatile choice for straight cuts on ceramic and porcelain tiles. These hand-operated tools consist of a flat surface that supports the tile while a cutting wheel scores the surface. With a simple but effective design, flat bed cutters are ideal for smaller projects or when precision is paramount.

Electric Cutters: For larger tiling projects or when dealing with tougher materials, electric cutters come to the rescue. These power tools are equipped with diamond-coated blades that swiftly slice through tiles, providing efficiency and consistency. Electric cutters are especially handy when dealing with natural stone tiles or dense ceramics.

Notched Trowels of Different Sizes: Notched trowels are essential for spreading adhesive evenly across surfaces before laying tiles. The size and notch pattern of the trowel depend on the type and size of tiles being used. For instance, square-notch trowels are commonly used for standard ceramic tiles, while larger notched trowels are preferred for larger format tiles to ensure adequate adhesive coverage.

Grouting Tools: Completing the tiling job involves grouting, and having the right tools is crucial for achieving a neat and professional finish. Rubber float is commonly used for spreading and smoothing grout over the tile surface, ensuring the grout fills the spaces between tiles evenly. Grout float with a rubber bottom is ideal for preventing scratches on delicate tile surfaces.

In conclusion, the success of a tiling project greatly depends on the tools used. Investing in quality tile scribes, flat bed cutters, electric cutters, notched trowels of different sizes, and effective grouting tools ensures that the tiling process is not only efficient but also results in a visually pleasing and durable outcome. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference in achieving a seamless and attractive tile installation. Here at Burnley Plumbing Supplies we stock a good range of tiling tools from brands such as AmTech, Dekton, Tile Rite and Tilebank.